Me, Thiago and Johan Me, Thiago and Johan
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Tuesday, 25 September 2023
johan,i need ur advice21:51
whats up?21:51
so my agency wrote and saiid they have a job for me21:51
oh amzing! 👏👏👏21:52
yeh finally, but i am not sure about it21:52
so apparently I'm needed for like a testimonial video or somthig.21:52
have u ever heard of anythingn like that? 😕21:52
yea, like companies want u to say positive things about their products. it kinda soudns liek you have to endorse something??21:53
ok? i have a reading tomor for it.21:53
amazz! 🥂🥂21:54
money is so tight here, i'm so happy rn21:54
proud of u!! lmk how it goes! 🎉21:54
k, speak later21:55
jst read this Pix. good luck!21:56
thnks so much thiago, how's kyoto 👘21:56
busy busy...21:57
kk... caall u soon ❤️21:58
ok hun21:59
Tuesday, 26 September 2023
so jo, u there?15:21
so i went to that reading today.15:21
the address they gave me was a law firm...15:21
ok? so u endorsed a law firm?15:21
no,no so it was like a character witness testimonial...15:23
oh so like u had to talk about someone that you know...15:23
i mean, they explained it all to me but i still couldn't really get it..15:23
um... a character witness is someone that comes to a trial to vouch for someone who being accused of something, to help strengthn a case.15:23
so i guess they are jsut recording you so you don't have to go to the court room?15:23
i guess so???15:24
do you know anyone who is going through a trial at the moment?15:24
that's weird...😵‍💫15:25
wait so what did you say in the video?15:25
just stuff talking about how i knew this guy, we went to school together, and how he always looked out for me, never touched me. i guess i was playing his 'gf' or something.15:25
um this is random... 🎲15:26
this doesn't add up15:26
lol. i thought i did good job tho. i was convincing15:27
yeah but you don't know the guy that is on trial right?15:27
you should withdraw that statement.15:27
wtf thiago. it's 1000 cash, it'll pay rent this month, i'm behind already.15:27
you can't make a character witness if you don't know the person. obviously15:27
so should I take the job?15:27
pixie, no.15:28
it's totally unethical not to mention illegal! to do something like that. you don't know the parties involved.15:28
the lawyers said that i wouldn't be involed in the case15:28
it doesn't matter... you have no idea who that guy is.15:29
for all you know, he could be an abuser or whatevr... you better write to them asap15:29
shit, i was so happy after i did that read.15:30
im sorry pix, btu it's not right.15:30
and probably u should tell ur agent about not ever doing any jobs like that.15:30
ok.. I mean I'll let him know..15:30
Wednesday, 27 September 2023
hey t11:05
how's kyoto treating you?11:06
lovely city, nice energy. ⛩️11:06
it's a bit more laid back than Tokyo or Osaka. it feels more traditional11:06
have u got to know some locals11:06
yeah a few, they can be a little stand-offish11:06
what about a boy? 👦11:07
lol yeah. his name is Ren. we met a club, he's really sweet.11:07
oh cute.. :)11:07
he's a huge nerd lol. my type!11:07
nice! is he from kyoto?11:07
he's from nara. it's like 30 mins away by train. 🚅11:07
ok :)11:07
have u been together long?11:08
about 6 months actually. it's getting a lil serious lol. i like him alot.11:08
oh i'm so hapyy for u 🤗🤗11:08
are you planning on coming back soon?11:08
maybe, we've been talking about it, but he's busy and i'm kinda strapped atm. the yen is really weak. 💴11:10
oh k, i hope you can! we miss you! 🐶11:10
thanks love. i miss you and dix alot too!11:10
sooo tell me.. is Ren nice? what does he do?11:12
um. he's a publisher, mainly of small-run editions for friends 📚11:12
oh lovely, sounds perfect 4u 😊11:12
lol, yeah we have a lot in common. it's kinda relief actually. i was getting a little lonely and deperate ngl.11:12
i can imagine, in such a place...11:13
yeah, ppl are so nice, but it's just hard to get to know anyone. ppl aren't really open. 🍣11:13
i can imagine. i mean, maybe ppl want to but they're shy? 😳11:13
yeah, maybe so. anyway ren is totally chill and helps me out whenever i do something inapproriate. which is often lol11:13
and kyoto? do you feel comfortable there?11:13
yeah it's easy to get around, nature is not far away, plenty of temples/shrines. i'm never bored. 🕺11:14
sounds amaz? food? 🍒11:14
omg. it's crazy, so many places to eat out... pretty diverse too.11:14
wow. i would llove to go... i know i said i would..11:16
pls!! you always have a place here. i want u to meet ren. ✈️11:16
thank u. i would love to!!11:17
ren was telling me the other day in early Japan, esp. in his home town, when the head of a household died they would burn the house down11:17
and before they founded Kyoto, whenever an emperor died the city was burned as a rite of purification.🔥11:18
holy shit!11:19
I know...11:19
not far from us there's a shrine which is the holiest site for shinto religion, every 20 years they they pull it down and rebuild it over 15 years. they have been doing it for like 1,000 years. can u beleive it?11:19
no, lol! it's sounds so unrelatable...11:20
and then they still have fairly 'lightweight' houses right. 🏡11:21
well the older houses yes. mainly because of costs, safety from earthquakes. walls, doors made out of paper. 📄 lol11:21
yeah... lovely tho11:21
totally 😻11:21
Thursday, 28 September 2023
hey 👋17:46
wots doin17:46
ntohing just at work 👚17:47
k, busy?17:47
was before tho17:48
there was this girl. wanted to try on like 5 or 6 dresses17:49
and i was like i know they;re not going to fit. i didnt say that to her tho 😣17:50
yeah so i just let her be. and bout 15 mins later there was a line forming at the dressing rooms. and she's still in there. ppl are getting kinda pissed.17:50
shit 🙀17:50
so i'm like 'hey, how are you doing in there, everything ok?' and she said yes, so i thought ok, jst give her some more time.17:52
nother like 10 mins i say 'hey you doin okay?' 'Yes, I’m fine!' but she sounds like between angry and sad... so i start to wrory a bit.17:53
I come back, and ppl in the line say it sounds like she's crying so now i'm worried 4her. so I knock17:53
maybe she got a bad msg or somting???17:53
yeah im like, sorry to bother you again, but is everyitng ok, I can help you...17:54
and she sticks her head out and she's for sure been crying and she givs me all the dresses.17:54
oh no17:54
so i put the dresses back and then i just say 'mam, unfort. we rellly need the dressing room'17:54
whts it been like, 30 mins? 🕞17:55
yeh my boss says u have to say 5 more mins and we'll have to call securty, because he thinks that maybe she's upto something. heartless prick. anyway i just tell her in 5 mins i have to open the door.17:55
do u have a key for that.17:56
lol, sorry had a customer. 😖17:58
anyway my dickhead boss just decides to go over and say 'mam, i'm gonna open the door, please be appropriately dressed. or sthing'17:58
and like 3 sec after she flew open the door and shes in tears and so emotional 😭17:59
what was her problem???17:59
so she's like complaining that all the sizes are not made for regualr women and that women are not like the superthin models u see on the ads of our brand, and saying how we should represent more diverse sizes etc etc18:00
i mean she's got a point tbf 💪18:00
yeh i knw but my boss goes 'listen, if this store isn't for u, then you need to leave now.'18:01
what a cold-hearted mf 😡18:02
yeah but the kicker is that after he said to me. 'that was kinda bad about that woman before, maybe we should set aside a space for ppl if it makes them feel bad' !!!!18:03
i actually choked on my coffee ☕18:03
🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 holy f shit. is he seriosly that out of touch?18:04
yes. i gotta work for this guy..ffs18:05
i feel for u T. so sorry.. 😔18:05
feel sorry for that women. better she never comes here for her sake imo18:05
yeh totally18:05
just read this wtf. ur boss is toxic af 😠18:07
Friday, 29 September 2023
lol it's impossible to be 100% vegan, bc plants get nutrients from soil, which is composed of decayed animal remains 🌱21:44
we shouldn't breathe too then 😶‍🌫️21:46
im so glad i've been in europe all my life 🌍21:47
lol y?21:47
if u are in the uk you woudl simply just not knwo what welfare actually is. and fresh fruit/veg too lol 🍓21:48
there were a group of trans at the door of freedom press 🗞️21:49
no idea what they were campaigning for21:49
have u heard of Peter Kropotkin21:50
yeha i think i read something a while ago.21:50
father of anarchism 🧷21:50
he founded 'Freedom' a British newspaper 📰21:51
'In London in late 1886, he co-founded Freedom, an anarchist monthly and the first English anarchist periodical'21:52
and he wrote 'Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution' im dowloading it...21:52
his counterpoint to darwinism 🦄21:52
'Kropotkin critiqued what he considered to be the fallacies of the economic systems of feudalism and capitalism. He believed they create poverty and artificial scarcity, and promote privilege. Alternatively, he proposed a more decentralized economic system based on mutual aid, mutual support, and voluntary cooperation. He argued that the tendencies for this kind of organization already exist, both in evolution and in human society'21:53
probably also within species in the animal kingdom21:55
well darwin was abt survival of the fittest21:55
but not everyone agreed including this guy21:55
darwin is perf for capital logic 📈21:55
it is exactly what we are living21:56
i hate how mainstream media represents queer 📺21:56
swallowed by capitalism once again ♾️21:57
it is an infantilization of what it means to be free21:58
blows my mind 🤯21:58
if it is not genuine, it's like another wave of exploitation.22:00
im sad that we needed to separate, t 💔22:01
but i couldnt find my subjectivity in such a fusion22:01
and still it is a process22:02
when i think abt it, how amazing that we found each other.22:02
antipodes 🌏22:02
do u agree with that?22:03
it wasn't really my choice to leave22:03
as long as you know that22:04
u dont have opinions right?22:05
im working atm22:05
no comment seriously22:05
i can tell u all those thigns abt meeting you...22:05
but I never get nothing22:06
whats wrong with me?22:06
i say coz i feel it22:06
not coz im inventing22:07
dried out22:07
i'm not in an emotional state right now22:08
dont worry (as if u did)22:08
ill keep findign my way22:09
survival of the fittest eh 💪22:09
i felt disowned22:09
and i continue to feel that way22:09
by me?22:09
if you feel disowned, how do u think i feel?22:10
i have to enjoy my life, can't handle extra shit22:11
i never heard u speak like that22:11
bc i have enough of it22:11
life is too short22:11
my only enjoyment is my work22:11
...when it manages to succeed22:12
and have a platform22:13
i find the rest too banal for me22:13
who is involved in that "life" thta u re talkign abt?22:14
and wht does it comprise?22:15
don't know22:15
well u said ur not gonna leave us22:15
check Tatsuro Yamashita - 'The Theme from Big Wave' 🎶22:16
i like this22:16
it's like pop deep.22:17
so sad the song.22:17
and it's meant to be the happiest song 🥲22:17
the whole album is f sad22:19
'we float in the sun until the big wave comes, and we just ride ride ride...'22:19
'out there in the ocean is my silhouette'22:21
'we got summer here in our hearts, and we just move with the tide... and we ride ride ride'22:21
the guy is a manic romantic22:21
so the wave is your journey?22:21
and u have to catch it?22:21
more than u can imagine 🚀22:22
Saturday, 30 September 2023
we could go one day for a brunch 🥞08:06
such a cliche08:06
maybe there is sth of worth out there08:04
or is that a german concept?08:04
i guess im hungry08:03
i bet08:05